Statistics show that cyclists are the UK’s most-vulnerable road users, but motorcyclists don’t have it much easier. Whether it is coming under threat from icy or wet conditions, reckless drivers posing a threat to their safety, or the simple fact that they are more difficult to see, bikers are always open to danger on the road.

That shouldn’t, and doesn’t, deter bikers from riding on the road, however, and in 2016 there were more than 1.2 million licensed motorcycles in Great Britain.

While biker safety is better than it’s ever been, there are still plenty of roads throughout the country that still prove hazardous for motorcyclists. To avoid having to make a claim on your motorbike insurance as a result of an accident, here are some of the UK’s most dangerous roads you should take extra care while riding on.

A646, Burnley – Halifax Road

In recent history, this 18-mile stretch of road has been responsible for 11 fatal and serious collisions including motorcyclists. Bikers accounted for 24% of all fatalities and serious crashes. This is a very busy road which passes through several towns and includes many junctions and sharp bends, making it one to take extra care when riding on.

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The Cat and Fiddle – A537, Buxton – Macclesfield

This 11km stretch of road runs through the heart of the Peak District and has proven to be immensely popular with motorcyclists. Despite the 50 mph speed limit, the A537 gives bikers the opportunity to cruise across a scenic and lengthy strip of tarmac on sunny days. It is also a good location for new riders to get a taste for the open road. However, there are several sharp corners along the route, not to mention the potential danger of encountering stray farm animals along the way. Between 2006 and 2008, this road saw 34 fatalities and was branded the most dangerous road in the UK.

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The M25

Back in 2007, motorcyclists actually voted the M25 as the road they most dread riding on in the UK. This 117-mile road surrounds practically the whole of Greater London, making it a necessity for millions of motorcyclists to travel on it, every day. Notorious for accidents and endless traffic jams, bikers have to take great care when riding on the M25; aside from serious collisions, they run the risk of being clipped by motorists in tight queues and having to stand in traffic jams for long periods of time, which can affect concentration.

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A21, Hastings

Stretching over 14 miles, the A21 has seen 16 serious accidents involving motorcyclists. This is the most southerly road on our list of dangerous routes for bikers. Of all the fatalities and serious collisions involved on this road, 32% involved motorcycles.

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Snake Pass – A57, Glossop – Sheffield

The name pretty much sums up this road’s route; the Snake Pass runs from the outskirts of Manchester towards Sheffield, allowing road users to take in a great deal of scenery. However, much like The Cat and Fiddle, this long and twisting stretch of road has gained a reputation for being dangerous, creating more than its fair share of accidents in the past few years. Nonetheless, it is still very popular for motorcyclists, particularly in summer, allowing them to cruise freely across an idyllic setting.

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