Earlier this year, This Is Money released information about the areas in the UK that are most likely to be burgled. Surprisingly, the picturesque Surrey town of Guildford took first place for house burglaries anywhere in Great Britain.

The new research shows that out of every 1,000 home insurance quotes recorded, 52.31 of all respondents were from the GU3 postcode district.

Second on the list was the postcode CB5, which covers the areas of Cambridge and Fen Ditton.

These three locations are all affluent areas, so, unsurprisingly, homes situated there are popular targets for burglars. It is hoped that, as well as home insurance, the owners of the burgled properties also had a sound contents insurance policy, to compensate them for any possessions they lost in the burglary.

The city of Birmingham came third on the list, with 51.16 of all respondents living within the B15 postcode. Three other major cities follow Birmingham; postcodes in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool are also featured in the top-ten hotspots for UK burglaries.

Areas of London, such as Richmond, Twickenham and Hampton ranked lower on the list, with Hampton taking 20th place.

On average, the research shows that insurance claims in the winter months are 37 percent higher than those made in summer. It is presumed this is because of the value of Christmas presents being kept in homes during the winter.

Whether you live in one of these burglary hotspot areas or not, that shouldn’t stop you from investing in a sound contents insurance policy. This will cover you if the worst does happen and your home is broken into and burgled; helping to replace your treasured possessions.

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