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Frequent Questions

We do appreciate that questions about comparing scooter insurance prices are a little too boring to be asked. Nonetheless, that doesn’t meant they can’t be thought.

For this reason, we’ve compiled these simple answers to questions frequently thought, about finding cheap quotes when comparing scooter insurance.

This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.

What do I need to know to get an insurance quote for my scooter?

You’ll need the following basic information to start comparing scooter insurance:

  • Make and model of your scooter – and registration, if you know it.
  • The year your scooter was manufactured (we can compare quotes for any scooter manufactured during or after 1970).
  • Details of any modifications after manufacture
  • The value of your scooter and the date you bought it
  • How long you’ve held your licence for
  • Details of any claims or convictions you may have had
  • Details of any additional riders, including any claims and convictions
  • Any special security devices you carry or have had fitted to your scooter.

What type of scooter insurance is right for me?

There are three levels of scooter insurance to choose from:

Third party only
This is the minimum required by the law. It covers you for any damage you do to others and their property. However, it won’t cover repairs to your scooter, any personal medical expenses or theft of your scooter.

Third party fire and theft
This offers the same cover as third party with added protection for your scooter in case of fire or theft.

This offers all of the above, and covers injuries to yourself and repairs to your scooter in the event of an accident.

What scooter insurance add-ons are worth considering?

As well as insuring your scooter, you might want to look into covering yourself and the equipment you use.

Legal expenses insurance
If you’re involved in a road accident and need to make a claim, or if a driver makes a claim against you, legal expenses insurance could cover all or some of the legal costs.

Helmet and leathers cover
Great if you damage your riding gear as a result of an accident.

Breakdown cover
Could get you back on the road in a flash if anything goes wrong with your scooter.

Personal accident cover
Could offer peace of mind if you’re injured in an accident. It will cover things such as loss of limbs, permanent disability and accidental death.