If you’ve recently welcomed a new pup into your family, or are looking to, you are probably well aware of the extra care you need to take with your house. As well as investing in a good home insurance policy and, of course, contents insurance, there are a number of things you can do to keep your home in check with an excitable dog running around.

As well as the standard advice to keep food out of reach and lock your cupboards, cuuver.com have rounded up the top-five ways to pooch-proof your home, to keep your home and your belongings intact.

  1.         Install baby gates

If you’re leaving the house, your dog is intelligent enough to know you won’t be coming back for a little while – and when the owner’s away, the dogs will play. Installing baby gates in your house not only to trains dogs to stay in certain areas of the house, but also prevents them rebelling and wreaking havoc in your bedrooms and bathroom.

It’s also wise to install a baby gate at the start of your staircase, to prevent your pups from climbing a mountain of stairs to the precious belongings sitting in your bedroom.

  1.         Cover up your couch

Pooches may be cute, but they sure know how to rip a sofa apart. Under your supervision, they wouldn’t dare chance it, but while you’re out of the house, there’s nothing to say they won’t try; it’s just not worth taking the risk. Invest in some hard-wearing, long-lasting throws for your sofa.

Couch throws will not only prevent dogs scratching and wearing down your leather sofa, but will also help to keep dog hairs at bay; you can simply wash the throws, instead of having to constantly vacuum the sofa.

  1.         Use electrical outlet covers

Dogs love to eat anything and everything. Electrical wires are a product in your house you wouldn’t instantly remember to pooch-proof because, to you, they are just part of the furniture. Accessible electric cables are the perfect chew toy for any dog, which is really dangerous and will also cost you a lot to repair. That’s why electrical outlet covers are the perfect way to keep the dogs at bay. No wires, no problem.

  1.         Buy a bin that’s pooch-proof

Purchase a bin that your dog has trouble accessing. The harder it is for them to get into, the more likely they are to give up and learn the bin is a no-go zone. An electric bin or one that is locked within a kitchen cupboard is a great way to keep the dogs out of trouble when you leave the house. We’ve all heard those stories about owners who return to their home covered in last night’s dinner because the dogs have had a good rummage for some extra food.

  1.         Safety locks

Your dog wants to roam your house like no one’s watching; don’t let them. As much as pups are cute, they can cause some serious damage. For rooms you don’t trust them in while you’re out, ensure you lock them and invest in good, childproof latches to prevent paws prying open cabinets filled with food and cleaning products.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.