Reducing the amount of meat you eat per week not only helps the animals and contributes to maintaining the environment, but also improves your overall health.

Everything is good for us in small doses, but excessive meat consumption, particularly red meat, can have a negative impact on our health, due to its fatty and salty content. That’s why Meat-Free Mondays were created, to introduce you to a meat-free diet, for only one day a week. is always looking to improve your health and diet, as well as offering life and health insurance. So, we’ve created a quick guide to help you change-up your diet by cutting down on meat, so you can begin noticing the great health benefits Meat Free Mondays bring.

  • Research recipes and get creative

Worrying about what to cook on a Meat-Free Monday? No need, there’s plenty out there to aid you in your meat-free diet, from BBQ pulled jackfruit to paneer rogan josh curry. Meat-Free Mondays mean you can experiment with new foods you probably wouldn’t try usually, because some sort of meat would normally be your staple ingredient.

The term ‘Meat-Free Monday’ actually derives from the non-profit campaign created by the McCartney family. So, if you really are struggling for healthy and meat-free meal ideas, peruse the official website and discover new recipes designed for this particular diet on your average Monday.

  • Plan your meals

Eating less meat and eating more veg saves you a lot on shopping bills, even if you are only dropping down your meat consumption by one day. So, take advantage of this key benefit by planning your meals in advance; it will save you time defrosting meat and save you money buying it in the first place. There are plenty of health, shopping and reminder list apps out there, which can really help you keep up with meal prepping and planning.

  • Eat more veg, not just subsidised meat products

There are so many amazing meat-free products that taste just like our favourites, like Quorn nuggets and seitan burgers. As much as you should incorporate these into your Meat-Free Monday diet, don’t rely on them to be your staple ingredient. The aim to cut meat out for a day is to increase your vegetable consumption and introduce you to healthier, nutritionally-beneficial foods.

Experiment by replacing chicken in your fajitas with roasted aubergine and feta, or bake a pesto pastry covered in filling vegetables as an alternative for pizza. Buying food rich in all the good stuff your body needs, like broccoli and green beans for iron, avocado for the ‘good fats’ and tomatoes for vitamin C, will do your body the world of good. So, research into what you’re eating on Meat Free Mondays, to get the best health benefits.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.