Going on holiday is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but in today’s tech-led climate, it can be next to impossible to switch off. This is especially true if you are a business owner or manager at a company.

The ability to access our work emails from our mobile phones means it can be impossible to leave work at work. The home security apps which allow us to watch our house from our phones can be addictive, too, as we keep checking to ensure everything is okay at home. The truth is, while holidays are there to help us de-stress and recharge, the worries of work and home life while you’re away can stilt your good time.

Not being able to switch off properly in your downtime can have a serious impact on your mental health, which is why it’s vital you make sure your leisure time, whether it’s on holiday or just a normal weekend, isn’t spent worrying.

Here are a few ways you can truly switch off during your holidays.

Turn off non-essential work emails

If you are a business owner, this may not be possible. However, don’t feel obligated to check your work emails when you are on holiday if you are an employee – it’s your time off work, to do what you like. Make sure everything is tied up before you go and that you have completed all necessary tasks; once you’ve done that, you can enjoy your break, worry-free.

Uninstalling your work emails from your phone, if feasible, will remove the option of checking your inbox while you are away, letting you truly disconnect from the ties of your job.

Set up a clear ‘out of office’

Put an auto-reply on your emails, letting those contacting you know that you are on holiday.

Specify the dates you will be away and that you will reply on your return. This will help to ease your mind by ensuring that nobody important thinks you are being ignorant – you’re not rude, you’re just away.

Factor in some chill time

Whether you are a builder or a dentist, everyone needs a holiday from time to time. Wherever you go on your break, don’t cram too much into one trip and make sure you schedule some time to do absolutely nothing. Even if you spend a couple of hours on the beach, you will be surprised how much the act of not having to get up and go anywhere will help to relax you.

Film yourself unplugging and locking up

As strange as it may sound, this really works. So many people worry that they’ve left things plugged in back home; they haven’t turned the oven off or they haven’t locked the back door.

If you video yourself going around the house carrying out these tasks, you won’t need to spend the next two weeks fretting about whether or not you took all the necessary precautions to safeguard your home from fire, flood and intruders.

This should not be construed as medical advice and is for informational purposes, only.