When it comes to flying, there’s no happier moment than dropping our heavy, usually over-filled suitcases off at the check-in desk. Although, with this relief comes worry – worry that our precious belongings may not be secure and won’t be waiting for us at the end of the flight.

At cuuver, we’re always looking for ways to help when travelling abroad, as well as comparing travel insurance deals to ensure you’re cuuvered every step of the way. That’s why we’ve come up with our best tips to keep your luggage safe for your next trip away.

  1.         Cling film away

You may notice other people’s luggage wrapped in a thick casing of cling film at the airport and wonder why on earth they’ve done that. Well, they’re not crazy; in fact, they’re more sensible than you are because they’re essentially just keeping their luggage super secure.

Wrapping your suitcase in cling film makes it harder for others to access your personal belongings and also reduces the risk of your luggage being tampered with. This gives you peace of mind that the contents of your suitcase is exactly what you put in it.

  1.         Keep it on the lock down

So many travellers spend good money on a secure suitcase and yet neglect the security functions it offers. Many new suitcases come with a lock system in which you can tailor to a code only you will be aware of.

Lock features should always be used on your suitcase; if your belongings get lost or stolen, at least no one can access it, especially if you have a lock that requires an access code. However, be sure to remember your code, you don’t want to prevent yourself from accessing your belongings.

  1.         Personalise

You may manage to find a jazzy looking suitcase that you think will make your luggage stand out from the crowd, but remember, suitcases are made in duplicates. It’s likely someone else at the airport has the same case as you. That’s why personalisation is the key to keeping your suitcase safe.

Tie a colourful ribbon around the handle, add a luggage tag with your details on, attach stickers to the front and back of your case or even get your luggage personalised with your initials.

  1.         Hide expensive items

You are bound to worry about theft when your luggage is taken out of your control; that’s normal, though it’s not always the case.

To prepare for the possibility of thieves handling your luggage, hide your expensive and personal belongings in unassuming places. Hide your jewellery in your socks, iPads or expensive electrical items in the underlayer of your suitcase, with your clothes piled on top. Or, if there are certain items that are irreplaceable and which you do not trust to be in your suitcase, hide them in your hand luggage for both extra security and peace of mind.

  1.         Make sure you’re properly covered

Travellers often neglect checking their travel insurance policy for excess for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, instead just going with the cheapest deal they can find. It’s crucial you read through your policy to see if, in the event your luggage falls into the wrong hands, you’re covered. With travel insurance, you need to try before you buy and go through what your allowances are.

If you have a high excess, it’s likely that it won’t be worth claiming on your travel insurance, or you’ll need to pay an additional fee to reduce it. If you can’t claim on your policy when something bad like lost luggage happens, then what’s the point in having it?

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.