Whether it’s investing in small fixtures to increase your motorbike’s safety, or gearing your phone up to recognise your house alarm, there’s plenty of ways to protect your beloved motorbike, so long as you are committed to protecting it.

That’s why we at Cuuver.com have narrowed down some of the best ways to secure your garage from motorbike theft, or at least make it harder for thieves to get a look in, to help ease your mind when it comes to protecting your bike.

  1.         House alarm technology

Technology is constantly evolving to help our safety and it does precisely that for your garage now, too. You can now connect your garage (and the rest of your home, of course) to a wireless alarm and keep an eye on your bike’s safety right from the hub on your phone.

If your burglar alarm was to go off, your phone would notify you of this change and enable you to quickly access your garage, i.e. relock it, call the police etc. Having this accessibility to your garage means that if intruders do try to get in, you can stop them or take the right measures, in enough time, to catch them.

  1.         Cover garage windows

If a thief can see you have an expensive bike that’s worth stealing located in your garage, they are going to try their hardest to break in. So, although it seems such a simple measure, block out any outsiders from being able to look into your garage, whether this be fixing a blind to the windows, or simply covering them with a spare sheet, or a stack of boxes. Don’t give thieves the opportunity to see your motorbike parked in your garage; once they know it’s there and that you’re out of the house, they’ll try their utmost hardest to get their hands on it.

  1.         Invest in motion-sensor lights

Burglars tend to act at night because it’s dark and visibility is reduced. So, ensure you install lights for your garage, to determine whether or not you have unwanted visitors hanging around your property. As your garage is usually separate to the house and you’re not always going to be in it, it’s hard to spot thieves. This is why motion-sensor lights are every burglar’s nightmare; they turn on as soon as there is any movement near your garage, alerting the homeowner that there is something fishy going on.

  1.         Fix a SureLock to your garage door

It’s been reported that it can take a thief as little as six seconds to break into your home, by quickly entering through an automated garage door. That’s why the SureLock exists; a clever security fixture, which prevents thieves from entering your garage by blocking the door from opening. This smart security measure ensures thieves can’t slip under the gap in the door; the SureLock blocks the gap under the door unless you are in control of it.

  1.         Apply a Disc Lock to your bike

Much like a lock can be fixed to a car’s steering wheel, a Disc Lock can be attached to your bike to lock the brakes, meaning that if someone does attempt to get in your garage, they’ll struggle to make a getaway on your bike as easily as they thought. Then, your alarm will go off with enough time to catch the thieves in the act.

As a motorbike owner, there’s nothing worse than your bike’s security being at risk. So, be mindful of the unknown and always be alert of who could be watching you and your vehicle. More importantly, ensure you have the correct amount of motorbike insurance to cover you in the worst case scenario of your bike being stolen.

You can compare motorbike insurance policies online with Cuuver.com, to get the best value insurance cover available and ensure your bike cover is left in safe hands.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.