Whether you have a vague or in-depth knowledge of it, most of us know what life insurance is. However, there are so many surprising facts you may be unaware of, which not only influence your decisions on a life insurance policy, but remind you how vast life insurance really is and, consequently, how much you need it.

Here at Cuuver, we want to make the concept of life insurance relatable to you and make you understand just how important it is to have. After all, anyone who’s living should have a life insurance policy, so don’t skimp out on protecting your family’s future in the event something bad happening to you. Instead, get Cuuvered today and read about some handy life insurance facts that you may have never come across before… you’re welcome!

  1.         Life insurance can protect your family from inheriting your debts

If you are currently in debt, think about how much it is weighing you down. Had a think? Well, now think about how heartbreaking it would be if something unexpected happened to you, leaving your family with a financial mess to clean up.

As well as getting out of debt, this concern can be combated by investing in a good life insurance policy. Taking the time to get life insurance and finding a good policy will pay off, because you can protect your family by writing of your debts, entirely.

  1.         The insurance industry is the third-largest in the world

Yes, that’s right – the insurance industry really is that big, meaning you have no excuse not to take out life insurance. After all, it’s so vast, it’s everywhere – it’s unavoidable.

  1.         Life insurance can help tackle tuition fees

Life insurance protects your finances, meaning you can tackle your children’s tuition fees when it comes to private schooling or university. University fees have risen considerably over the past five years, and they are a costly expense. Nonetheless, they are worth paying to ensure your children have the best future possible. This benefit is a good enough reason to invest in life insurance, as well as all of the other perks having a good policy provides.

  1.         Seven out of 10 self-employed workers don’t have life insurance to protect their partner/family

If you’re self-employed, you have a lot of responsibility; as well as organising your own taxes, you are responsible for covering your partner and your family by taking out a good life insurance policy. However, seven out of 10 self-employed workers fail to invest in life insurance, which in retrospect, is shocking. Being self-employed doesn’t give you instant immunity from illness or death, meaning you need life insurance just as much as the next person, to protect your family.

  1.         Smokers fork out higher premiums than non-smokers

Did you know that some insurers can legally test you for smoking? That’s right. there’s no escaping it; if you’re a smoker, you need to cough up. Health really is wealth; if you don’t smoke, you’re going to benefit from cheaper life insurance rates because insurers want to reward those who make an effort to stay healthy.

Evidently, smoking isn’t good for your health and, as a result, insurance premiums are higher for smokers than non-smokers.

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