It’s advisable that wherever in the world you decide to travel to (whether it be for business or leisure), you get travel insurance to cover you in case the worst should happen. You probably won’t have needed us to tell you that; however, there are some places in the world that you just can’t get cover for to travel to, and for good reason.

Don’t worry, your all-inclusive five-star ski holiday in the Swiss Alps will be fine, but if you were planning on sunbathing in the middle of a warzone, then chances are you are going to encounter some problems.

Pretty much anywhere that the Government advises you to avoid is blacklisted by travel insurers for providing cover, as the risk level is so high. So, if you’re planning on travelling the world, there’s a few places that you should seriously consider omitting from your route.

Eastern Malaysian Islands

All of the islands between Kudat and Tawau off the eastern coast of Malaysia are advised by the Government to be avoided, unless absolutely necessary. This includes a long list of small islands including Mabul, Malawali and the fantastically named Balambangan island.

The Malaysian islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world and feature postcard perfect views, making them popular tourist destinations. However, last year the Government was informed by a credible source that a terrorist group was planning to conduct kidnappings in the area in the near future, and so deemed it necessary to advise against travelling to all of the islands off the East coast. This means that, if you do venture to these places, you probably won’t be able to get insured.

Sinai Peninsula & Western Egypt

Egypt has been a hotbed of political unrest for a while now, so you may well struggle to get insured to travel to Western Egypt. The Sinai Peninsula is also a particularly dangerous area.

If you are dead set on seeing the pyramids, Cairo isn’t included in this area, so you should get insured, but you are recommended to seek advice before travelling.


All travel to Crimea, as well as Donetsk Oblast and Luhansk Oblast is advised against.

All the planes, trains and buses to and from the area are inaccessible, because it’s against Ukrainian law to enter the country through a border that isn’t controlled by their country. This makes it pretty much impossible to even get to Crimea, never mind getting travel insurance for going there.

South Eastern Turkey

Turkey has also been a pretty popular tourist destination amongst the British, but in recent years, certain areas have fallen victim to terrorism.

You are advised to seek advice before travelling to Turkey, but most of the areas are still popular with British tourists, including Marmaris and Bodrum, which remain safe areas to take a holiday. However, the closer you are to the Syrian and Iraqi borders, the less likely you are to get travel insurance.

Tourists are also strongly advised not to travel to Diyarbakir or anywhere within 10km of the Syrian border, and are only to travel to areas close to the Iraqi border if necessary.


The same applies for Iraq; you won’t get travel insurance to travel anywhere in the country. Due to the political unrest and threat of danger, the Government advises against travelling to any part of the country. Most travel insurers won’t cover you to travel there as it is an extremely unsafe place at this current time.


This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.