It’s officially February. Now the January blues are finally over and, more importantly, your wallet is a little heavier, it’s time to book that big summer break or city escape you’ve been planning since New Year’s Day.

First and foremost, you should always ensure you’ve invested your time and money in a good travel insurance policy. Once this is done and dusted, it’s time to download these amazing apps which help you plan your holiday itinerary, learn the local language and stay safe while travelling abroad.

We’ve whittled down our go-to apps for the avid holiday traveller, straying away from the obvious Skyscanner and Airbnb apps.

  1.         SayHi Translate

When visiting a new country, we sadly don’t always have time to learn the language, but want to converse with local people and join in with the culture. Are you interested in learning to speak the local lingo, even if it’s only the basics? Download SayHi, designed with clever technology which requires you to speak into your phone’s microphone and responds with what it is you want to say, in the language you have chosen. Asking for the bill at the end of your meal has never been easier.

  1.         Citymapper

If your ideal break is in a city, look no further than Citymapper – the ultimate transport app. This nifty app works out exactly where you need to be, how much time you need to get there and the different modes of transports you need to take to get there. Much like a Sat Nav, it works out the fastest route for you to get to everywhere from Mauer Park in Berlin to Fourviere in Lyon.

  1.         Like a Local

TripAdvisor is a great way to find the great places to eat and drink, as well as the iconic spots to venture over to. However, Like a Local does exactly what its name suggests, letting you live like a local while you visit your next holiday destination. Real locals submit reviews on what’s best to explore, adding personal touches that you just can’t find in a generic tourist guide.

The app’s creators are pretty picky about the locals they choose to review restaurants, sights, etc, too – which means you are getting a true insight into the culture, not just the reviews of someone who’s lived there for a couple of weeks.

  1.         Amount

It can be tough to gauge how cheap or expensive trips, food and drink are when travelling to another country. That’s where Amount lends you a hand; containing 700 different units across 30 categories, this innovative app converts your currency. As well as money, it also converts clothing sizes for those looking to shop abroad, cooking measurements for the head chef of the trip and even speed limits for the designated driver.

  1.         TravelSmart

We always recommend you print out your travel insurance documents just in case you happen to get your phone stolen, lose it or damage it. However, this app is a brilliant addition to your phone’s homepage, for use in emergencies and to give you easy access to your travel policy.

Simply log on to the app and load up your travel insurance documents, ready for when you’re travelling abroad. Emergency numbers for the country you are visiting are also stored on the app, meaning if you experience any issues while abroad, you have easy access to help.

So, get your fingers tapping and download these nifty apps and, more importantly, if you’re not already covered, compare travel insurance deals today with

Alternatively, if you’re looking to get to grips with what you need to know before you purchase travel insurance, check out our helpful guide, here. Or, check out one of our other handy articles to prepare you for your holiday this spring/summer.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.