As much as we love the freedom of driving, it can involve many dangers along the way. Our mobile phones distract us in daily life and when it comes to driving, you may feel like you’re having to jump through hoops to safely get in contact with loved ones or update your Sat Nav while you’re on the road.

Cuuver are always trying to find ways to improve road safety for drivers – after all, if you drive safely this reflects well on your driving record and consequently leads to lower insurance premiums. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top five safety apps to download, to ensure your mobile helps your ability to drive safely, not hinder it.


This app does what it says on the tin; it helps you drive safely and without distractions. To prevent you texting while driving, this handy app converts your incoming texts and messages into audio notes. After leaving the audio note, the app will then automatically send a message, telling your contacts that you cannot respond because you are driving. So, you have absolutely no excuse to go near your phone while driving.

  1.         miGarage

Forgetting basic car checks can be easily done, but it’s so important you keep an eye on your vehicle’s performance. That’s the magic of miGarage app, which sets important reminders and alerts you to check your tyre pressures, engine oil and windscreen wash more frequently. Simply input your vehicle’s details and get ready to be notified.

  1.         Parkopedia

Circling round trying to find a parking space can be a nightmare, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area you are driving in. Parkopedia saves you the hassle; it locates all the available parking spaces where you are while also updating you on important information regarding parking costs.

  1.         Flo

It’s hard to monitor your mistakes when driving because you can become so accustomed to making the same ones and not thinking much of them. Flo requires no touch activation, instead it automatically launches once you are driving and tracks your journey. This clever app provides you with a score on all of your journeys, tracks your mistakes and even helps you save money on petrol.

  1.         Text Arrest

This app blocks a driver from using their phone while driving and, consequently, prevents mobile phone-related accidents from occurring. This app has proved to be a favourite with parents, as they can have full control of what their child has access to while driving and notifies them if the driver shuts off the Test Arrest function, exceeds the national speed limit or enters a location outside of the limits set on the app. The phone can be used in an emergency though and will instantly contact the parent associated with the driver using this app. It’s every parent’s dream to ensure their children are driving safely.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.