So, we have finally been blessed with sunny skies and warmer temperatures and while this is wonderful while we’re out in it, when we arrive back home after drinks in the beer garden we simply cannot cool down. Why? Because our homes are sweltering hot; we didn’t expect the heat the sun would bring to each and every room in the house.

In summer, energy prices are the least of our concerns; we don’t have to crank up the radiators to heat our homes and we don’t need to tumble dry our clothes to dry them out after a weekly clothes wash. Instead, we face the opposite problem – being too hot. So, we don’t need to give you energy saving tips – we need to help you cool your rooms down instead.

We’re always trying to keep you cuuvered and provide useful advice to help with your home insurance and surrounding topics. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top tips to keep your home cool this spring.

  1.         Open those windows wide

Keeping your house cool in extreme heat can be difficult; the first thing you should do is push your windows wide open. As well as cooling your house down, opening your windows lets fresh air into your home, taking away the humid, claustrophobic airflow that spring weather brings.

Remember, heat rises, so don’t just open your windows downstairs, open all the ones you need to let your home breathe. However, be mindful of the windows you’ve opened when you’re leaving the house; you don’t want to open your house up to unwanted guests…

  1.         Utilise your bathroom fan

Many people forget about their bathroom fans when the sun is shining, but they’re actually a great help in cooling your house down. Upstairs bathroom fans are particularly helpful as they improve air flow by controlling and regulating the heat that rises from downstairs.

  1.         Blind out the sun

It may seem like the wrong thing to do, but closing your blinds when it’s sunny out is a really good way to keep the rooms in your house cool.

If windows are unprotected during the day and it’s particularly hot outside, the heat is bound to seep through into every room of your house, which is good for a little while until you feel clammy, claustrophobic and just uncomfortable.

  1.         Have a cold shower

So many people focus on the methods to keep their home cool, and actually forget to cool themselves down, which should essentially be your priority. A cold shower will leave you feeling fresh and keep your body temperature low. Ensure you take measures like these to keep your temperature down; there’s nothing worse than feeling sticky and clammy in your own home.

  1.         Change up your bed sheets

Your bed sheets determine how hot you are, especially at night when you have to close your windows to keep the moths away. Opt for cotton sheets and bedding in the spring; this material breathes much easier in warmer temperatures and ensures you and your bedrooms keep cool at night. are always putting you first; looking for new ways to help you with any house insurance queries, or ways to just give you a helping hand. Explore our home insurance page to compare a diverse range of home insurance policies, from some of the UK’s leading providers.

This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.