Tis’ the season to be jolly, and what will keep you jolly while travelling at this busy but exciting time of year? Planning ahead.

As well as purchasing a good travel insurance policy, and packing all the relevant documents you need for your trip away (or returning back home), you need get your preparations in order. That’s why we’ve written this post, to help you along the way.

We’ve outlined our five essential tips for travelling during the Christmas holidays; we hope they help you as much as they help us….

  1.         Plan for traffic and inevitable delays

Expect your journey to be like rush hour x 100. The Christmas holidays mean whether you’re boarding a plane or jumping in the driving seat of your car, you’re inevitably going to encounter delays.

So, if your journey to the airport usually takes an hour, set off two hours earlier. This may seem extreme, but you really do need to plan for contingencies during the festive period. Not only are people travelling to and from different places to be with family and friends, but the weather conditions at this time of year can seriously impact on travel.

  1.         Pack light, and accordingly

If you’ve booked a trip to Disney, or anywhere abroad for Christmas, it’s likely you’ll be taking a few presents with you along the way. As important as it is to take what you can squeeze in your suitcase, remember that you will probably return with a lot more luggage.

From holiday souvenirs to local Christmas treats, there’s always going to be something you want to bring home with you from your holidays. If you over-pack on your way out of the country, it’s likely you’ll exceed the luggage allowance on the way back, which is going to cost you more money than you would like during the already expensive festive period.

So, pack light, either by rolling up your clothes, buying books when you get there or arranging to buy gift vouchers or holiday trips as presents while you’re out there.

  1.         Book extras in advance

Over the Christmas period, companies and retailers hike up their prices; why wouldn’t they? They know the demand is there during this busy period, which is why it’s crucial you book whatever travel extras you need before travelling during the Christmas holidays. Whether this is adding extra luggage to your flight, booking a company car or arranging excursions ahead of your trip.

  1.         Don’t neglect your house just because you’re not living in it

The Christmas film, Home Alone is enough to warn you that burglars are on the hunt for empty houses over the Christmas period. Any sign you’re away, and for a long period of time sadly won’t go unmissed by regular passers-by.

So, arrange in advance for people you trust to keep an eye on your house, as well as setting burglar alarms and locking away valuables in your safe while you’re absent. Notify a neighbour you’re going to be away and kindly ask them to check on your home in your absence, from switching a few lights on here and there, to removing the influx of Christmas post from your porch, or hallway.

  1.         Make a to-do list

You don’t want to be leaving your passport in the destination you’re travelling home from; let’s face it, it’s easily done. So, make a to-do list for both when you set off for your trip, and for your return. You may think it sounds silly, but remembering simple things like your passport, keys and your bank card can easily slip your mind, especially if they’ve been stored in your safe all holiday.

This should not be construed as advice and is for informational purposes, only.