Good driving is all about safety, which is precisely what insurers are looking out for when issuing you a quote for your car insurance.

There are many modern features that can be added to a car to improve safety when driving, such as cruise control to slow you down, reverse cameras and parking sensors to help park up safely. That’s not forgetting the trusty Sat Nav, which navigates you safely to your chosen destination.

Here at Cuuver, we want to educate you further on car insurance and provide advice that will help reduce your insurance costs, each year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five safety features that can help reduce your car insurance costs.

  1.         The age old air bag

Some insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance for drivers who install extra airbags in their car, since they provide extra protection in the event of a road crash and help prevent painful injuries that come as a result of a road crash.

  1.         Automatic seat belts

Nowadays, it’s less likely that your car will have automatic seat belts, but if your vehicle does have automatic seat belts installed, you can qualify for reduced insurance premiums. Why? Plain and simple – they provide proof that you are safely strapped in at all times when driving, which reduces the risk of injury in a road crash and in turn, reduces the risk of prosecution.

  1.         Anti-lock brakes

Some insurance providers actually reward you for having anti-lock brakes (ABS) by lowering insurance premiums. The incentive here is to encourage drivers to invest in cars with ABS, a feature which offers safe protection when driving in tough weather conditions or help you control the vehicle if you were involved in an accident.

  1.         Automatic daytime running lights

Many modern cars are now installed with daytime running lights, a feature that recognises when visibility is reduced and automatically turns on your lights while driving. Insurers reward drivers who have cars with daytime running lights because they prevent accidents when visibility is reduced in the dark or during harsh weather conditions.

If your car does not have daytime running lights, you can easily purchase them to fit to your car to help your visibility in oncoming traffic and other drivers’ ability to see your vehicle.

  1.         Anti-theft and stolen recovery system

Insurers are interested in your safety but also in your car’s safety, too. Investing in a good anti-theft and stolen recovery system will bode well with insurance providers, because you are proving you are planning ahead and protecting your vehicle from being stolen or broken into.

Overall, any car feature that will improve your ability to drive safely is a bonus, but those that help lower your car insurance are even better; rewarding you for being safety conscious when you drive.

This should not be construed as advice and is guidance only.


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