5 car modifications that bump up your car insurance

When you buy a car, it’s only natural to want to jazz it up and make it personal to you, whether this is by upgrading the alloys, decorating it with stylish stickers or making paintwork changes.

We’re sure you’re wondering why car modifications affect your insurance policy, because it’s not always common knowledge. Essentially, insurers assess two things when putting together your car insurance police: risk of accident and risk of theft. So, if you implement changes to your car that are going to increase the risk of either of these things happening, it’s likely your policy will be a little different to what you expected, particularly in terms of price.  

  1.         Installing a built-in sat-nav

It’s best to buy a sat-nav that you can safely tuck away in your glove compartment, or hide away in your home, instead of installing one that’s built into the car itself. The more attention you draw to your car, the more you risk theft. Having the latest gadgets is great, especially if they help you to navigate your way around the roads, but be mindful of how this can impact on your car insurance, which will quickly transcend to modified car insurance.

  1.         New alloys

Upgrading a car’s alloys can make a new or old car look more attractive, in pristine condition and unique to you. However, this modification is famous for bumping up your insurance premiums. Why? Because insurers see this as a risk to your car being broken into or stolen. After all, the more appealing a car looks, the more appealing it is to thieves.

  1.         Changing from car seats to sports seats

Even if you’re not a racer, adding sporty touches such as installed sports seats, race stripe stickers or a smaller sport steering wheel to your car, can raise insurance premiums. So, if you like the look of your friend’s car because of its sporty interior, just take into account how much more they will be paying for their insurance because of these changes.

  1.         Paintwork changes

If you choose to recolour a car, this can impact on your insurance policy. In fact, you must tell your insurance provider if you choose to give your car a full paintwork makeover, otherwise they can legally void your policy.

  1.         Upgraded brakes

Even small modifications, like upgrading your brakes, can change the cost of your car insurance policy, simply because they are different to the original breaks provided by the car’s manufacturer. Changes to your suspension may seem like a good idea at the time, for a smoother ride, but an insurance company simply looks at these changes as intent to use them to their capacity – which of course can result in major road accidents.

It’s not all bad, though. Small modifications can also be made to reduce car insurance premiums. Take parking sensors or reverse cameras, for example; installing these in your car means you are less likely to be involved in an accident, because you are aware of your surroundings when parking or reversing near moving or stationary traffic.

Likewise, installing a dashboard camera is a handy modification that many insurers now encourage, due to its ability to record accidents on the road and provide substantial evidence if a claim needed to be made or was made against a driver.

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This should not be constructed as advice and is guidance only.