As drivers, there are many things that annoy us, from unexpected car repairs to having to clean our car on a regular basis; all the things you forgot you’d need to do when you originally learned to drive.

However, the drivers who join us on the road can be just as annoying, not playing by the rules or just being downright rude. That’s why we’ve rounded up the five most annoying habits of the UK driver, although take note; this passive-aggressive annoyance doesn’t give you permission to sound your horn…

  1.         Impatient, bumper-to-bumper drivers

So, you’re on a 20mph road, sticking to the speed limit and happily singing away to your favourite Spotify playlist, when this state of happiness is destroyed by the impatient driver behind you who cannot fathom driving the speed limit when there isn’t a speed camera in sight.

What was once a relaxing drive turns into a worried, jerky journey because said driver is inches away from your car, passive aggressively trying to get you to speed up. Don’t give into peer pressure, though; they’re not going to pay for your speeding fine if caught, or vehicle damage if you panic and crash.

Let them overtake and laugh at how impatient they are and if they can’t overtake, keep driving to the speed limit; the jokes on them if something happens and they’re affected because they were too close to your car.

  1.         Failing to indicate

How many times have you silently screamed “INDICATE” to yourself and shrugged your shoulders to the perpetrator? It’s amazing how little other drivers indicate. Want to get into the lane I’m in? Cool, but how about you use that indicator of yours before swooping in and expecting us to understand which direction you’re headed. Often, people say they wish pedestrians had indicators, but honestly, they probably indicate more than the UK driver anyway…

  1.         Using a phone while driving

Have you ever been in your friend’s car and accepted that this may be the last journey you may ever take because they’re texting their boyfriend back while driving? It happens all too often, and it’s really quite worrying that other drivers don’t recognise how dangerous it is, not only for them, but for every other driver around them.

  1.         Not giving right of way, ever

Remember learning about giving way to your right at roundabouts in your theory driving test? Well, that rule never seems to apply when it comes to driving on UK roads. It happens so often that you actually begin to question you knowledge on the rules, and get bumper-bullied by other drivers for actually playing by the rules.

  1.         Taxi drivers thinking they own the road

We get it, taxi drivers have a job to do; they need to get their passenger from A to B and keep moving in order to make a profit. However, that doesn’t give them priority on the roads. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all taxi drivers; many are very pleasant, but there are a lot who budge their way in, causing hazards along the way and just generally being impatient, too.

Finally, what can be most annoying about the UK driver is thinking they can drive without proper car insurance. Remember, it’s illegal to drive uninsured and if you crash into someone, or they crash into you and you have no insurance, you’re in for a few twists and turns. So, always ensure you take out good car insurance cover or renew your existing contract year on year.


This should not be construed as advice and is for guidance only.