Insurance policies have a lot of rules; there are things you have to do and regulations you have to keep to in order, to ensure that you don’t invalidate your policy and that you will actually be able to claim if something goes wrong.

While this means a number of situations in which you won’t be covered, there is also a wide range of situations in which you will be covered and some of these may surprise you. Most home insurance policies cover you for a lot more than just thefts and fires, and while these may initially seem like unnecessary inclusions, they do actually make a lot of sense.

Here are three unexpected things you can claim for on your home insurance:

Impact by aircraft, animal, road or rail vehicle

Picture it: You’ve had a long day at work, it’s wet, it’s cold and you’re generally just fed up. You’re looking forward to finally getting home and treating yourself to some well-deserved ‘me time’ before turning into your street to find the 16:53 to Penzance lodged into your living room.

It’s an extremely unlikely situation, but it’s not an impossible one. A significant portion of Britain’s rail runs adjacent to populated homes and streets and where there are trains, there is the (albeit slim) possibility of train crashes and derailments. This means that, in a worst case scenario, for some people there is a slim possibility of a train colliding with their home. Because of this, it is necessary for it to be covered by insurers.

Imagine being unlucky enough for this to actually happen to you, then imagine knowing that you wouldn’t receive any compensation for the thousands of pounds’ worth of damages. It’s the same situation if a plane were to crash into your roof or if a car was to lose control and spin into your porch. It might sound extremely unlikely, but you’d be an exceptionally relieved homeowner to find out that you’re covered when the almost unthinkable happens.

Similarly, although more unconventionally, your policy will even cover you for “impact by animal”. So, just in case a bird flies through your window, or if you live next to a farm or a zoo with terrible security standards, you can be assured that any damages caused by runaway animals careening into your property will be covered.

Fallen satellite dishes, aerials or security cameras

Satellite dishes, aerials and security cameras are commonplace on today’s households as ways of providing ourselves with both better entertainment and better security. Of course, in order for them to work, these items have to be attached to the outside of your home where they are exposed to the weather and they aren’t indestructible. The impact of these items detaching and falling from your wall may cause some expensive damage to your property and possessions, which is why insurers cover you for these damages.

In the case of satellite dishes, aerials and security cameras, you are only covered if they fall from under 15 feet high. The average two-storey home is 19 feet high, so be try not to position these items too high if possible.

However, in many policies, there is a separate clause for “falling objects”, which covers you for just about anything falling from the sky onto your home, such as debris from aircrafts that fly overhead. Unbelievably, this even includes objects which have fallen from outer space, including satellites, meteorites and other space debris. Again, it’s unlikely, but being covered for it is a massive help to anyone unlucky enough to be in such a situation.  


No matter when they happen, power outages are a massive inconvenience. As well as having to stumble around in the dark and having no television to keep you entertained, your freezer will slowly be becoming your dinner’s graveyard. However, there’s no reason to have to do an extra grocery shop just because your freezer failed you. It might seem like a minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but the value of all the lost food goods in your freezer can add up to a surprisingly substantial amount.

Because of this, insurers will cover the cost of food that spoiled from your freezer or your fridge as a result of a prolonged power cut. You can also claim for lost food from when your freezer or fridge stops working for other reasons, as long as it wasn’t because of carelessness or damage you deliberately caused yourself. The age of the fridge or freezer and the amount it had inside of it can also have an influence on your ability to claim for this.

Not everybody is aware that their insurer allows them to do this, so if you ever lose any food because of a failure with your fridge or freezer for a reason that is beyond your control, it is worth checking your policy to see if you will be able to claim.

This should not be construed as medical advice and is for informational purposes, only.