What is the learner driver theory test?

The theory test is comprised of two tests, taken in one sitting. The first is a multiple choice quiz based on The Highway Code. The second is an interactive hazard perception exam, which shows you a driver encountering various hazards and it’s your job to spot them as early as possible, like you would if you were a qualified driver.

Like purchasing car insurance, we know that this driving test can seem a little daunting to any learner driver, which is why we’ve compiled a list of our top preparation tips so you can pass with flying colours and move onto your practical faster.

  1.         Book a morning test

Any test is daunting, which is why booking a morning theory test (if possible) is a good way to curb your nerves. Taking your theory test on a flexible day, early in the morning prevents you worrying all day about taking it. Instead, it gets you up and out early, ready to take on the exam ahead, with your revised answers fresh in your mind from the night, or even the morning before.

However, if your brain tends to work better in the afternoons, that’s fine, too. Gauge which time of the day suits your brain power and work around this with the time slots available.

  1.         Practise, practise, practise

It may feel old school, but purchasing The Highway Code book and official theory driving test help DVD is crucial when revising for your theory test. After revising the rules of the road, put the disk into your CD drive in your laptop. Keep testing yourself on the multiple choice questions to not only test your ability and gauge how well you’re doing, but also to get used to the style of the questions, the hazard perception section and the test itself.

Literally put theory into action by practising the hazard perception test repeatedly, too. This is especially important because you can fail this portion of the test if you click too often on hazards, as it will seem like you are cheating to the computer by just continually clicking the screen.

  1.         Learn on the go

We are fortunate these days to have technology at our fingertips, meaning it’s never been easier to revise for your theory driving test. There are plenty of interactive theory-practice apps available on your Apple or Android app store. Be sure to ask your driving instructor which ones are most beneficial, since many of the practice questions that come up on the revision tests actually come up on the theory test when you sit it. So, the more realistic the test is to your exam, the better.

  1.         Ignore anyone that says they didn’t revise and passed…

The theory test is one of those exams that many people don’t take seriously, and if you ask your friends they are likely to say they didn’t revise. Ignore them. By “not revising”, it’s likely they mean they didn’t read The Highway Code, front-to-back. However, they will have definitely taken the practise tests, as you have to pass 45 questions out of 50 to pass the multiple choice portion of the test. So, there’s not much room for no revision, no matter what they say…


This should not be construed as medical advice and is for informational purposes, only.